So you’ve chosen the Water Element.

The Water Element is associated with the second or Sacral Chakra. Your water element rules your emotions, creativity, sensuality and ability to navigate your relationships with others. When your water is flowing, you are in touch with your feelings, your sexuality, and your ability to be flexible and adaptable in your life.

By understanding how energy manifests in your body and life. You can learn to recognize where you are in and out of balance. By doing a few simple exercises with intention, bringing the body back into balance is possible and is happening all of the time!

Everyone is made of all the elements but you might often find that you’re drawn towards certain elements more than others.

You might have chosen Water today because it is your primary constitutional element or it might be because you need a little somethin somethin in that area of your life.

When your Water Element is overactive you might experience more of the following qualities that you’d like.


You might also have chosen the Water element because you’re craving more of it.

Either way it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how the elements are expressed and ways to bring them better into balance.

When you start to bring your Water back into balance here are some pieces of information specific to the Water Element that you can start to become aware of.

Where I might get stuck?

Do you sometimes feel out of touch with your feelings?

Do you feel fluid in your life? (Going with the flow)

Is it sometimes difficult for you to let go of people/relationships?

How related are you to your sexuality?

Is your drive low, medium or high?

Do you have creative outlets?

What are your strengths?

Suggestions/Ideas to encourage the movement of your Water Element:

  • Get somewhere in nature with a creek, lake, ocean, river. Also adding a water feature in your bedroom or home (a small waterfall).

  • Soak in the tub with some special herbs or essential oils like: lavender or chamomile.

  • Set a specific time during the week to allow ourselves to feel deeply and to allow tears to come in. Maybe with journaling, talking with a friend or watching a movie. Let yourself feel your tears-it’s so important.

  • Put on something orange in color. Maybe put some watery music on:something slow movements that give space for your pelvis to move in whatever way it wants to be expressed.


-Scorpio-reproductive organs, pelvic region

-Cancer- breasts/chest area

-Pisces- feet

COLOR: Orange

SHAPE: Upside down triangle

WATER ELEMENT FOODS: Juicy fruits-all melons like watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe; cucumbers, grapes, pineapple

SENSE: Taste




MUDRA: Thumb and 4th or ring finger