Through our model of creating online sessions with 2 Polarity therapists, and over 20 years of experience, we have held impeccable space for thousands of individuals to find healing, inspiration, and powerful transformation.

  • all our clients and students share one thing in common: they are committed to personal growth, and are willing to do the excavation that is necessary to embody their best selves.

  • if you are a seeker, a healer, a teacher, a coach, an activist, an entrepreneur or A human being who wants to live an exceptional life, then we are here for you.

  • If you are working your way through something and need guidance or support, we are here for you.


A single session experience

Life is informing us all of the time but sometimes it’s hard to perceive the clues.

When energy gets stuck we experience congestion, or constriction in our body, mind or life. This can show up as limitations to the unlimited possibilities that actually exist.

In this session we will help you gain clarity, to tease apart the pieces, open up the space and allow a new way to come through.

⚫️this is a good place to start if you don’t know where to begin. Get precision, resolution, information.

⚫️Discover what is yours to own and what you need to let go. Move forward. transform and reinvent your relationship to whatever is that has kept you from your fullest expression.

⚫️Tackle a single issue in your relationships, finances, creative life, physical health, spirituality, soul purpose, habits or patterns.

⚫️gain clarity and up-level your life.


a two session immersion

In order to bring in something new, we must first let something go.

Birth, Death, Beginnings Endings.

⚫️Maybe you want to create a new habit or venture. Is it time to call in something new?

⚫️Step onto a new path, find a new direction. Establish a new pattern or way of being.

⚫️perhaps you want to bring an end to an old way of relating or being related to. Properly grieve your losses.

Honor the resolution or closure. Invoke a new way.


a six session journey

six sessions of mentorship and support working through the elements.

⚫️This series is perfect for a larger situation or way of being that you want to transform in your body, life, or soul.

⚫️Reconstruct, reorganize and reimagine your relationship to yourself and the world.

⚫️When you are really ready to be responsible to the creation of your life, we will walk with you, holding an impeccable container for you to grow, shed and master a new way.

this is a deeper dive into each of the five elements through the polarity model working in an evolutionary way.

The first session is ether where we clarify your vision, set intentions and open the space.

the second session is air where we gather and organize, clarify the path, identify the heart of the matter and shift our relationship to it.

The third session is fire where we say hello to the chaos and greet the obstacles that come up. Alchemize, implement, take right action.

the fourth session is water where we make connections, gather our resources, get creative and lovingly reflect upon and honor the longings that are there to guide us.

The fifth session is earth. grounding, completion, transformation, restructuring.

the sixth session is integration. Culmination. Celebration. Taking all that has emerged and formulating the exact steps to move forward into a new way.

Mastery is possible with a plan.

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