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six day raise your vibe challenge

Would you like to create a personal practice or daily ritual of working with your energy body?

This free 6 day challenge was designed to be a fun introduction to your energy. Learn about your chakras and how to balance the elements that correlate with them. Join a community of like minds, get unstuck and create some new momentum in your life.

This is for you if:

*you want to take ownership of your own energy

*you are interested in learning the language of the chakras and their correlating elemental manifestations

*you want to create a home practice or add to an existing practice or sadhana of tending to your energy in small doable ways

*you already know about your chakras but want a safe loving container to support you in building or adding to a practice of working with them in a fun way

*you don’t know anything at all about chakras or elements and want an experiential way to explore them in sacred community, on your own from your very own home. 

how it works:

each day for six days you will get an email invitation to access the daily lesson where we will be introducing you to one of the five elements which correlate to the five physical chakras in the body.

Each lesson includes a video and pdf to teach you how to identify imbalances and with ways to balance your energy through easy fun exercises and suggestions.

By simply learning the language of the elements and engaging with them on a daily basis, you raise your energetic vibration. 

It begins with small steps, one foot after the other. That is how we climb any mountain, how we reach great heights.

As within, so without.

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