Polarity/ energy immersion

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Early bird registration ends Wednesday May 29th!

Pay $150 instead of $165 if you sign up and pay in full before Wednesday May 29th

Are you interested in learning more about energy medicine or becoming a practitioner?

Would you like to learn how to work with energy ON the body? This class offers up to 16 CE's for LMT's! No experience necessary. Non-practitioners are welcome. Discover the energetic map to the body and how to bring balance to the entire energetic system in a simple one hour bodywork protocol.

The first course in the Associate Polarity Practitioner program, where you learn the most fundamental protocol in Polarity therapy: the general session.

The general session is a full body protocol that brings balance to all the chakras, opens the positive, negative, and neutral poles of the body and restores health and wellness to the whole person in a non invasive way.

Learn how to feel and palpate life energy by utilizing hands-on contacts, craniosacral, reflexology and gentle counseling techniques and to create a holistic healing approach that can stand alone or enhance other modalities. Polarity is complementary to acupuncture, chiropractics, somatic therapies, easily integrates into a massage or bodywork session and is also great for non- practitioners or anyone who wants to be more informed aobut energy to use with family and friends or for self- healing. All are welcome.

Polarity One is the foundation for developing as an energetic practitioner. The first day of this class can easily stand on its own as a life changing introduction into the world of energy medicine.  It can be taken as an introductory energy immersion course all on its own.

Day one: learn how to tune into the field, listen to and palpate energy, and learn to recognize where it is blocked in the body. You may take the first day of this class alone as an entry into learning how to hold space and tune into the energy field of the body.

Take day one only for $100 and learn how to palpate energy and balance it in the body. Earn 8 CE’s for LMT’s.

Day Two: Learn the entire bodywork protocol putting all the pieces together to create a full one hour session and more. Take both days for credit towards your APP and learn the entire general session for $165. earn 16 CE’s for LMT’s.

This course will be taught at a beautiful retreat space on ten acres of forest with private beachfront access in the Steamboat Island area 15 minutes from Downtown Olympia.  (exact address and directions will be given upon registration). Part of the class will be indoors and part outdoors, weather permitting.

Register now with the button below. It will take you to my online scheduling site, Schedulicity where you will select the “schedule now” Botton and navigate to “classes”. We look forward to seeing you there!

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