Free online course


learn what polarity therapy has to do with energy medicine…

Join Kelly Watkins and Amanda Lux for this free online class on the holistic art of Polarity therapy.

Science is just now catching up to many of the ancient discoveries that polarity therapy is based on. But how do we work with these concepts in our real lives? How does it work within the context of therapeutic practice?

In this class you will learn how energy work can be more than a gentle laying on of hands. Energy manifests in your physical body and you can bring it into balance using simple physical movements, hand positions, sound healing, and more.

This is a free online class with videos and pdf’s. you can access the entire course now in our teachable school by pressing the “Access now” button below. The course consists of a series of short video presentations walking you through the different aspects of polarity therapy, as well as a video demo of a session.

This class is for you if:

*You are a massage or bodywork practitioner looking for a new modality to add into the mix

*A healer of any sort

*A therapist or counselor looking to add some somatic based tools

*A polarity client (or you are interested in becoming one) who wants to have a better understanding of how the work works

*An ever evolving human who wants to be more resourced and informed on your path

There are endless possibilities for how this work can be utilized professionally, or personally to expand your consciousness and healing process.

All hands have the potential to be healing hands.