So, you’ve chosen the fire element…

The Fire Element is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our third chakra is responsible for our Will, personal power and identity. When our fire is healthy, we have Confidence, self discipline and the ability to make clear decisions and take right action.

By understanding how energy manifests in your body and life. You can learn to recognize where you are in and out of balance. By doing a few simple exercises with intention, attaining balance is possible.

Everyone is made of all the elements but you might often find that you’re drawn towards certain elements more than others.

You might have chosen Fire today because it is your primary constitutional element or it might be because you need a little somethin somethin in that area of your life.

What does this say about you?

When your Fire Element is overactive you might experience more of the following qualities that you’d like.


You might also have chosen the Fire element because your’re craving more of it.

Either way it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how the elements are expressed and ways to bring them better into balance.

Where might I get stuck?

  • Do you start out projects with a “bang” and then fizzle out?

  • Do you sometimes hold on to anger towards people in your life?

  • Do you lack motivation?

  • Is your digestion or appetite out of balance?

  • Do you normally suppress anger and then explode?

What are my strengths when I’m in balance?

  • Clarity

  • Warmth

  • Expansivness

  • Radiating

  • Energetic

  • Intimacy

  • Outgoing

Out of Balance?

  • Loneliness

  • Anxiety

  • Sadness

  • Visual challenges

  • Myopic in view

  • Heart issues

What can I do to create more balance in my life?

-Try to remember an excitement that you just couldn’t contain.

-Work with the element by doing something super exciting or Adrenaline producing...something that takes you to your “edge”, at least in your imagination.

-Do a meditation that involves a flame.

-tackle a task by setting a timer and working hard on it for 15 min. See if there are any emotions or feelings that come up for you?

-Watch a movie that is either action packed and exciting or passionate and sexy. Remember that everyone’s fire shows up differently and to find your perfect expression for you!

Balance your Fire element by keeping in mind and utilizing some of these Fire Qualities:

COLOR: Yellow

SHAPE: Triangle

SENSE: Sight



Leo-Solar Plexus


Foods- Anything growing 2 to 6 feet above the ground. E.g. grains, legumes, sunflower/sesame seeds, yellow foods.

Taste- Bitter

Artistic Expression-Visual arts

Mantra: Ram