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SO many more classes are coming!

We are deep in creation mode working on several projects and classes. One is an online only course that will accompany our live Polarity 1 class happening in Olympia In June.

This online course should be available in the next few weeks. It is called:

Attune: Energetic Self care foundations for

  • empaths

  • healers

  • anyone on their healing journey

please let us know if you are interested by filling out the form above and we will keep you in the loop. These awesome classes are available to anyone- but many of them will offer CE units for Massage Therapists.

We have an entire Polarity program coming this summer and fall. We have beginner level to advanced Polarity classes coming both in person in olympia, in Arizona, and online. We have all kinds of life affirming classes rolling out for healing arts practitioners and regular wise folks alike.

SO stay tuned! We are so excited you are here.

Learn about polarity therapy in this series of free teachings.

Saturday March 30th from 4-5:30pm

Join Amanda Lux for this first class in a series of three teachings on the holistic art of Polarity therapy. Science is just now catching up to many of the ancient discoveries that polarity therapy is based on. But how do we work with these concepts in our real lives? How does it work within the context of therapeutic practice?

Each class focuses on a different topic, but all are meant to be fun, explorative, playful and educational. There will be an engaging lecture, light movement, polarity tea, and cozy soft pillows for you to sit on.

In this class you will learn how energy work can be more than a gentle laying on of hands. Energy manifests in your physical body and you can bring it into balance using simple physical movements, hand positions, sound healing, and more.

We will touch on some of the truly holistic applications for energy medicine, including how Polarity addresses the nervous system to treat trauma and stress, the physical body thorugh a range of bodywork styles including craniosacral therapy, yoga inspired exercises and nutrition while also including the mind and spirit through astrology, hermetic philosophy, intuitive skills and specific energy based communication styles. This is deep stuff, folks!

But don't worry it's also fun.

This class is for you if:

*You are a massage or bodywork practitioner looking for a new modality to add into the mix

*A healer of any sort

*A therapist or counselor looking to add some somatic based tools

*A polarity client (or you are interested in becoming one) who wants to have a better understanding of how the work works

*An ever evolving human who wants to be more resourced and informed on your path

There are endless possibilities for how this work can be utilized professionally, or personally to expand your consciousness and healing process.

All hands have the potential to be healing hands.

Invite your woo-curious friends and be sure to RSVP as space is limited

When: Saturday, March 30 from 4:00-5:30

Where: The beautiful White Building downtown Olympia at 209 4th Ave E Suite 203

Cost: This is a free community offering but donations are happily accepted.

RSVP using the button below.


Learn to harness the power of your dreams

Sunday April 7 from 1-4

Saturday April 20 from 1-4

Cost: $40 per class

Are you curious about the messages your dreams have for you?
Would you like to explore shamanic journey work, astral travel, lucid dreaming or have a desire to connect with yourself through a form of active meditation?

Did you know that accessing these tools is your birthright and it can not only be deep and informative, but also playful and fun?

Join Amanda Lux and Jamie Fenix for a series of Dream Journey classes that will empower you to live a more awakened life.

Jamie Fenix Foster began her healing practice with shamanic journey work in 2001 and then began leading her own circles in 2007 - first at Antioch College and later in Austin Texas. She completed her advanced level teacher training in 2018 with Robert Moss bringing 20 years of practice full circle.

Dreams are a key to profound healing. During these times of great transition it is of urgent importance that we share these tools as a community.

In this class series, you will learn how to work with night dreams (even if you don't remember your dreams currently) as well as conscious dream journeys. Conscious DreamWork is a form of meditation that is active, creative, and engaging.

Infuse your life with magic and learn how to strengthen your intuition in a fun, explorative, safe container. No experience necessary, all are welcome!

How this works:

The first two classes are foundational and are imperative to continuing on with the rest of the series. You can take one or both of the foundational classes as they will build on each other (but only one is required to move on).

Conscious DreamWork Foundations 1:
Meet your sprit animals, guides and allies
Lightning Dream Work and group journey
When: Sunday, April 7 from 1-4pm

Conscious Dreamwork Foundations 2:
Journey to your Akashic Records
Lightning Dream Work and group journey
When: Saturday April 20 from 1-4pm

Cost: $40 each for the intros classes. Please also bring a personal remembered dream of your own to share. In both intro classes we will explore dream re-entry and the Lightning Dream Work techniques with you personal dreams, as well as the conscious dream journey topics.

Each class will give you an opportunity to work with your night dreams as well as explore ways to tap into the vast and unlimited support that is available to you through Conscious DreamWork.

For experienced Conscious Dreamers we will be offering a four part series to go deeper following the intro classes. As a prerequisite to the intensive you must take either or both of the foundations classes. Stay tuned for details.

Death and Dreaming

Saturday May 25th from 3-6pm

Death is a rarely talked about let alone celebrated as a rite of passage in our culture. Yet this is an inevitable part of everyone’s experience. In this class we bring more consciousness to our relationship to death, transform our fears and honor our grief.

As a death doula and hospice nurse, Kelly Watkins has been with hundreds of people during their last moments of life. This work profoundly informed how she lives and heals and she is thrilled to bring you a taste of it.

Amanda Lux is an Active Dream teacher who loves to work within the imaginal realm to bring about greater healing and ease, guidance and inspiration. Active Dreaming works with both night dreams and conscious dream journeys to tap into the wisdom of the imaginal realm. DreamWork provides opportunities for you to explore different ways to tap into the creative unconscious to receive guidance and resource. In this class you will have the opportunity to learn how this powerful practice can be used in many ways, but specifically we will be using it to tap into our relationship to death. When we make death our ally instead of living in fear of it, our life is infused with greater energy and magic.

Together, Kelly and Amanda are weaving these two amazing topics into one class where we will explore our own finite relationship to the physical world, and our truly infinite nature.

What to expect: This class will be like a cozy retreat. An opportunity to be supported, nourished, inspired and resourced within a sacred container. Bring a blanket and pillow, journal and snacks if you would like. There will also be tea and snacks provided.   No experience necessary. All are welcome.

When: May 25 from 3-6pm

Where: All events will be located at the White Building 209 4th Ave E suite 203 Olympia, WA 98501

Cost: $50

Reunited & it feels.png

Polarity one

The first course in the APP program, where you learn the most fundamental protocol in Polarity therapy: the general session. This class can easily stand on its own as a life changing induction into the world of energy medicine. It is also the first step to becoming an Associate Polarity Practitioner.

June 1st and 2nd from 9-6pm in Olympia, WA

Learn how to feel and palpate life energy by utilizing hands-on contacts, toning, breathing and gentle counseling techniques to create a holistic healing approach that can also enhance other modalities.  Discover the energetic map to the body and how to touch and relate in this style.  Polarity I is the foundation for developing as an energetic practitioner. 16 CE hours for Massage Therapists. Learn more about polarity