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Early bird registration ends September 25th

Pay $150 instead of $165 if you Pay now

Are you interested in learning more about energy medicine? Would you like to learn how to work with energy ON the body? This class offers up to 16 CE's for LMT's! No experience necessary. Non-practitioners are welcome. Discover the energetic map to the body and how to bring balance to the entire energetic system in a simple one hour bodywork protocol.

The first course in the Associate Polarity Practitioner program, where you learn the most fundamental protocol in Polarity therapy: the general session.

The general session is a full body protocol that brings balance to all the chakras, opens the positive, negative, and neutral poles of the body and restores health and wellness to the whole person in a non invasive way.

Learn how to feel and palpate life energy by utilizing hands-on contacts, craniosacral, reflexology and gentle counseling techniques and to create a holistic healing approach that can stand alone or enhance other modalities. Polarity is complementary to acupuncture, chiropractics, somatic therapies, easily integrates into a massage or bodywork session and is also great for non- practitioners or anyone who wants to be more informed aobut energy to use with family and friends or for self- healing. All are welcome.

Polarity One is the foundation for developing as an energetic practitioner. The first day of this class can easily stand on its own as a life changing introduction into the world of energy medicine. It can be taken as an introductory energy immersion course all on its own.

Day one: learn how to tune into the field, listen to and palpate energy, and learn to recognize where it is blocked in the body. You may take the first day of this class alone as an entry into learning how to hold space and tune into the energy field of the body.
Take the first day only for $100 and learn how to palpate energy and balance it in the body. Earn 8 CE’s for LMT’s.

Day Two: Learn the entire bodywork protocol putting all the pieces together to create a full one hour session and more. Take both days for credit towards your APP and learn the entire general session for $165. earn 16 CE’s for LMT’s.

****Introductory rate! Price will go up next time we offer this. So hop on board real quick like. We cant wait to hang out with you!

This course will be taught at a beautiful retreat-like space on ten acres of forest with private beachfront access in the Steamboat Island area 15 minutes from Downtown Olympia. (exact address and directions will be given upon registration). Part of the class will be indoors and part outdoors, weather permitting.

Learn more about polarity

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attunement tuesdays

Join Amanda Lux and Kelly Watkins for a Tuesday morning attunement beginning at 8am on Facebook live. We will be tuning in to the collective vibe and offering a polarity perspective, a guided meditaiton, and energetic tune up.
This is a free gift just for you!

Every Tuesday Morning at 8 AM on Facebook Live

Introduction to energy medicine-2.png

COMING TO OLYMPIA: Introduction to energy medicine

Experience polarity, craniosacral therapy, and forest bathing!

When: Thursday September 5th from 6-8pm


Thursday October 3rd from 6-8

Cost: FREE (donations graciously accepted)

Come check out the new location of the Elevation Hive School of Energy Medicine. Are you curious what polarity and craniosacral are all about? There will be a short presentation, Q and A, and an experiential opportunity to tune into the land and explore your own energy. There will also be a demo and the possibility of experiencing a mini session.

This is for you if you are curious about studying the healing arts more in depth for either personal or professional growth.

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Elemental healing cafe

This donation based "not-so-secret Healing Cafe" will be helping Amanda and Ruby get to India in Novemeber!

Cant make it and still want to support us? No problem! We are graciously accepting donations to our FUN(d)raiser through the link below:

guide to the divine.png

Be your own guide to the divine

Be Your Own Guide to the Divine- a workshop on DreamWork, creatiivity, and sacred play

Bring your inspiration or your creative blocks, your life's biggest questions, desires, challenges, and dreams.

Learn how to strengthen your intuition, get the answers you need, find new solutions to old problems, call in a new way!

Through DreamWork and artistic exploration we will heal, play, and open up our creative pathways.

There will be multiple mediums available for you to create your very own "higher self portrait".

All are welcome (ages 16- 105).
You do not need to have a lick of artistic talent or consider yourself intuitive and you don't even need to remember your dreams for this to be a powerful, fun, transformational experience.

Art supplies included.

When: 12-5 Saturday October 12th

Cost is $100 if you register by October 10th, and $125 thereafter Sign up with a friend and save 50% on the price of second registration.

Free online course-2.png

Learn about polarity therapy IN THIS

free online cOURSE

Join Kelly Watkins and Amanda Lux for this free online class on the holistic art of Polarity therapy.

Science is just now catching up to many of the ancient discoveries that polarity therapy is based on. But how do we work with these concepts in our real lives? How does it work within the context of therapeutic practice?

In this class you will learn how energy work can be more than a gentle laying on of hands. Energy manifests in your physical body and you can bring it into balance using simple physical movements, hand positions, sound healing, and more.

This is a free online class with videos and pdf’s. you can access the entire course now in our teachable school by pressing the “Access now” button below. The course consists of a series of short video presentations walking you through the different aspects of polarity therapy, as well as a video demo of a session.

This class is for you if:

*You are a massage or bodywork practitioner looking for a new modality to add into the mix

*A healer of any sort

*A therapist or counselor looking to add some somatic based tools

*A polarity client (or you are interested in becoming one) who wants to have a better understanding of how the work works

*An ever evolving human who wants to be more resourced and informed on your path

There are endless possibilities for how this work can be utilized professionally, or personally to expand your consciousness and healing process.

All hands have the potential to be healing hands.

attune fb-2.png

Attune: Energetic foundations

Location: Anywhere cozy (This is an online course coming in October 2019)

Attune: Energetic foundations for

  • empaths

  • healers

  • anyone on their healing journey

In this course you will learn the basics of energy maintenance and self-care techniques, as well as intuitive development to support you in life and in holding space for others either professionally or personally.

Often those of us who are drawn to the healing arts have a deep desire to help otehrs. We are natural nurturers and this can make it difficult to determine what is ours and what isn’t.

Learn how to care for your energy body in all its elemental manifestations.

Learn the key ingredients to balancing your own energy so you can safely balance another’s

learn how to tune into your intuition and clearly listen to your own guidance.

Be empowered to share your self and your gifts without feeling drained or energetically bombarded.

Vibe challenge-3.png

Free Raise your vibe challenge

Location: Online

Would you like to create a personal practice or daily ritual of working with your energy body?

This free 6 day challenge was designed to be a fun introduction to your energy. Learn about your chakras and how to balance the elements that correlate with them. Join a community of like minds, get unstuck and create some new momentum in your life.

This is for you if:

*you want to take ownership of your own energy

*you are interested in learning the language of the chakras and their correlating elemental manifestations

*you want to create a home practice or add to an existing practice or sadhana of tending to your energy in small doable ways

*you already know about your chakras but want a safe loving container to support you in building or adding to a practice of working with them in a fun way

*you don't know anything at all about chakras or elements and want an experiential way to explore them in sacred community or on your own from your very own home. 

The details:

The next challenge starts Sunday May 12th and runs through Friday May 17th

Each day for six days you will get an email invitation to access the daily lesson where we will be introducing you to one of the five elements which correlate to the five physical chakras in the body.
Each lesson includes a video and pdf to teach you how to identify balance your energy with easy fun exercises and suggestions to help you raise your energetic vibration.

There is a private Facebook page for you to join where we will be hanging out supporting you. Please use this space to post what you did each day as a way to create accountability and community! If you have any questions reach out to us at

Join now and share with a friend

We can't wait to see you there.