So, you’ve chosen the Ether element…

The Ether element is associated with the throat chakra.

It’s different from all of the other elements in that it’s the container for

ALL of the zodiac signs and

All of the other 4 elements

Ether element is our connection to Spirit or Higher Self. It’s natural to have your Ether supressed or closed down during periods of deep grief.

In the Polarity Therapy model of energy medicine, we are all made up of all the elements.  When you have a basic understanding of how energy manifests in your body and life, you can learn to recognize where you are in and out of balance.  By doing a few simple exercises and tracing your imbalanced element, you can begin to bring parts of your life back into balance.

It’s through the spaciousness of Ether that all of the other elements can be fully present..Imagine Ether to be a blank canvas on which all other elements can be expressed. Ether is the basis of ALL Polarity work. Softness, non-judgment, absence of wanting to “fix” change or steer a person or situation. Just the purest space of allowing and trusting.

What does this say about you?

When the Ether Element is is expressing over-abundantly in your life you might experience more Ethereal qualities than you’re comfortable with. You also might have chosen Ether Element because you are craving more Ether or space in your life.  

Either way it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how the elements are expressed and ways to bring them more into balance.


  • Feeling spaced out

  • Inability for using rational judgement

  • No Boundaries-too much freedom

  • Difficulty functioning on the Earth plane

  • Challenge putting ideas into creation

  • “Option Paralysis”


  • Closed mindedness

  • Inability to see “the bigger picture”

  • Feeling disconnected to Source or Higher self

  • Feeling trapped

  • Fears around self expression (throat chakra)

  • Repression of emotional expression

  • Prolonged Grief


  • Open mindedness

  • Ability to listen to inner guidance

  • Dreaming

  • Able to sit still and be present

  • Ability to express all emotions

  • Profound Joy

  • Sense of Freedom

  • Feeling of being tuned into your intuitive self

What can I do to create more balance in my Ether Element?

Consider what your relationship is to space. Do you have enough moments in your life where you are just sitting and experiencing without the need for filler? (phone, TV, thoughts, people) Even setting aside a few minute in the morning to just be can have a enormous impact on your Ether element.

Perhaps you have too much empty space and need to balance your world with a little Earth element? Having a more scheduled day can help bring a container for your Ether.

Practice your ability to allow people in your life the ability to “just be” without trying to solve things or chime in with suggestions. (practice coming into touch with what is really worth communicating)

Find an open space that resonates with you: an open field, a mountain top, night time stargazing.

Polarity Balancing- Holding any bone joints together (both shoulders, knees ankles etc) OR cross balancing (one hand on a shoulder-the other on a hip, knee or ankle) OR sandwiching one joint between both hands gently.

About the Ether Element

MERRIDIAN: Thumb to big toe


SHAPE: Sphere

CHAKRA: Throat

PHYSICAL BODY: Joints, bones, hair, Crainalsacral system.


ASTROLOGICAL REFLEX ZONES: all of the zodiac signs are contained within Ether.

FOODS FOR BALANCING: Blue Foods, sprouts and fasting!


AROMATHERAPY- these oils

MUDRA- All fingers and thumb placed together.

MANTRA- Ham (or silence)