energetic nutrition


Are you interested in learning how to balance your energy through food?

Polarity is a holistic healing art that aims to bring balance to the human energy system through a variety of means. One of those is through nutrition. In this class you will learn:

*How you can balance your chakras using particular foods that resonate with different energetic qualities

*how you can tune into your own energy system to learn what foods are right for you

*how we digest more than just nutrients: we are constantly in a state of digesting our experiences and our life!

This is for you if:

*You work in the fields of massage/ bodywork/ energy work/ nutritional support/ counseling/ coaching/ natural or holistic healthcare, and want to add a deeper holistic layer to your knowledge base around the ENERGETIC QUALITIES of foods.

* You are interested in learning about holistic energetic healing techniques that can be applied to your personal healing process or shared with family or friends who need support.

* You Love healthy food (or wish you did)...

* You Want to learn more about POLARITY THERAPY which is an amazing holistic healing modality that balances life energy, through the chakras elementally with bodywork, counseling, nutrition, exercise, and infinite creative possibilities.

There will be FRESH JUICE and healthy treats so I will need a solid headcount to make sure I have enough for everyone. Space is limited so you must pre-register please. (you can let me know in a comment on the sign up page if you are bringing a friend)

You will also be invited to join Amanda Lux and Kelly Watkins in our upcoming online detox retreat where we will be expanding upon the polarity concept of digesting energy and balancing our energy through food.

This is a free class (donations are accepted).

location: 209 4th ave e Olympia, wa 98501