So, you’ve chosen the Earth element…

The earth element  is associated with the ROOT chakra. As this is the first chakra, it acts as the ground floor or foundation that holds everything else up. your earth element is what determines your sense of safety and security, and your ability to manifest abundantly in your life. It is the densest AND SLOWEST MOVING of all the energy centers, and governs our physical experience on the planet as well as our connection to the earth itself. EARTH DEFINES YOUR BOUNDARIES AND YOUR ABILITY TO STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE.

In the polarity therapy model of energy medicine, we are all made up of all the elements. When you have even a basic understanding of how energy manifests in your body and life, you can learn to recognize where you are in and out of balance. By doing a few simple exercises with intention, attaining balance is possible!

You might often find that you’re drawn towards certain elements more than others. This might be because earth is your STRENGTH or it might be because you need a little somethin, somethin’ in that area of your life.

What does this say say about you?

When your earth element is expressing abundantly in your life you might experience more of these qualities than you’d like. You might also have chosen the earth element because you are craving more earth. Either way, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how the elements are expressed and ways to bring them more into balance.

Where might I get stuck?

  • Feeling disorganized and unstructured

  • fearfulness, impatience with self

  • Unable to move forward… scattered

  • Chronically worried

  • Challenges with digestion

  • Feelings of physical heaviness

  • Contracted or dense. Stagnant.

  • Slow in decision making process

What are my strengths?

  • Adaptable

  • Comfortable and relaxed

  • Strong focus and ability to concentrate

  • Order

  • Security

  • Warmth

  • Strong digestion

  • Able to see things through to completion

What can I do to create more balance in my life?

Earthing- place bare feet on the ground for at least five minutes

Work with the earth- gardening or digging

Aromatherapy- smell these three oils

Polarity balancing sequence: place right hand on belly and left hand on neck hold until you feel settled and calm

Mudra: hold thumb to pinky

Mantra: Lam