So, you’ve chosen the Air element…

The air element is associated with the heart chakra. By understanding  how energy manifests in your body and life, you can learn to recognize where you are in and out of balance. By doing a few simple exercises with intention, attaining balance is possible!

Everyone is made of all the elements but you might often find that you’re drawn towards certain elements more than others. You might have choses air today because it is your primary constitutional element or it might be because you need a little somethin, somethin’ in that area of your life.

What does this say say about you?

When your air element is overactive you might experience more of the following qualities than you’d like. You might also have chosen the air element because you are craving more of it.  Either way, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how the elements are expressed and ways to bring them better into balance.

Balance your air element by working with the following principals:

Color:  green


Sense: touch


Gemini: shoulders

Libra: Kidneys

Aquarius: ankles

Foods: ANYTHING THAT GROWS six feet ABOVE THE GROUND SUCH AS fruits, nuts, seeds, or leafy greens foods.

Taste: sour
Artistic Expression: dance

Gemstone: emerald

Mantra: yam

Mudra: thumb to index finger