Are a seeker.

Craving a way to move through the rough spaces of your life that are inherent to being a human on the planet. Perhaps with a little more grace and self awareness.

You want to be more connected to the people you love and learn ways to linger in the sweet moments, while still having more than enough umph to keep your life fully tuned. Clearer and more discerning.

You want to feel better than well. Not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

You are devoted to growing into and embodying your best self

elevating & evolving your life.

Tuning into and uplifting your own energy thereby positively and deeply affecting the vibration of everyone around you.

More Joy. More Freedom to live a fully expressed life functioning from a place of pure potency.


during our polarity teacher training at the Southwest institute of healing arts we (Kelly and Amanda), bonded over our profound affinity for polarity and our incredible lineage in this sacred work. Through mutual respect and admiration we became fast friends and creative partners.

As seasoned practitioners we shared a common vision to bring Polarity to the people. Our mission to infiltrate the world with goodness and elevate the collective vibration of the planet grew out of a sense of devotional service to you, our tribe of like minds who like us, are dedicated to personal growth and healing.

Whatever that may mean to you, we are honored to have you here.


Together with you, WE are a connected group of energy feelers supported in life’s breath and breadth.

Light bearers who soulfully and strategically intend to bring gorgeous change to the little crevices of the world around us and to shift the collective, starting with ourselves and our own nests-to be cool and comfy and dynamic, and to have each others back when it gets a smidge tangly and trepidatious.

Nothing makes us giddier than invoking a true tribe who is pulsating, steady-at-the-wheel and as willing as we are to say yes to the still small voice within. Regardless of the season of life you’re in, your profession, orientation, or what compels you towards a deeper way of being in the world, the laws and principles of energy apply to everyone and everything.

So if this resonates, we would love to invite you in.

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Kelly Watkins

I spent 18 years of my life as an RN.

The first half helping women birth and bring babies into the world and the second half in Hospice, helping people leave.

Death and Birth. Beginnings and Endings. That has been my calling. That is still what calls me-even more deeply once I found this work.

Over a decade ago I changed the flow of my life to learn a new language of healing. I had outgrown the myopic scope of western medicine and began searching more holistic paths to helping people heal.

The majority of my private practice centers around using Polarity and Cranialsacral therapies with babies, mamas and people facing end of life/dying.

I truly have such reverence for the place between heaven and earth.

From the first Polarity session I received...I was hooked! It was a feeling of coming home to myself in a way I hadn’t experienced.

I didn’t even have words to explain it.

It was that first session that sparked my full devotion to understanding this work and ultimately-teaching it. I’ve been studying under Gary Strauss of Life Energy Institute and completed my R.P.P. at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

I’m a mama of 5 and a granny to 2 miraculous humans. They are the fuel to my rocket and the best parts of my experience on the planet.

I became a Yoga instructor in 2000 and consider it one of the secrets to being open, loving and adaptable (and less cranky) as we age.

Although I’ve successfully consulted and opened a handful of multi-million dollar companies in the last decade, the truth is-I love driving a tractor, smooching babies, and welding rusty metal the most.

I have always been a sensitive healer type, even as a child. It was challenging to learn how to navigate through a world that didn’t validate my wild imaginings and intuitive nature but I was fortunate to discover a life path that nurtured my sensitivities.

In the early 2000’s as young single mother of two I began my formal journey in the healing arts at the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing and Life Energy Institute in Los Angeles, CA. There I studied Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage.

I opened my private healing practice back home in the pacific Northwest in 2006 and have been running a successful booming business ever since.

I have received hundreds of private sessions, and given thousands. I studied behavioral medicine, yoga, and nutrition at the Evergreen State College. I am a licensed massage therapist and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and have completed many trainings and certifications including Transformational life coaching through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Active Dream Teacher Training with Robert Moss, BodyMind Bridge Hypnotherapy with Shuna Morelli, and Polarity Master Teacher Training with Gary Strauss.

When I am not seeing private clients or teaching classes online or in person, I love to write, meditate, paint my dreams, practice Ashtanga yoga, ecstatic dance, and laugh until I pee myself. I am passionate about the entrepreneurial journey, self actualization, quality coffee, and being of service in a good way.